Hero Reveal – Shinbi

Shinbi. The K-Pop star and melee assassin hero from Omeda City. She’s ready to gank, burst attack, elude enemies, siege towers and sing you a beautiful song. Unfortunately, however, she has caused many people to be up in arms. Though, while that may be, she has also caused many people to fall head over heels for her and her Spirit Wolves. This is something that has caused a lot of people to uninstall and stop playing Paragon altogether, but there are those who believe that she could be the best character ever to be added. What do you think?

The first of her abilities is known as ‘Line Tempo’. Shinbi sends one of her wolves in a straight line, which passes through and damages minions, before exploding if it comes into contact with an enemy hero. This can be used to kill or injure a fleeing hero, as well as gaining those much needed last hits on minions.

The next is known as ‘Rushing Beat’, which sends her dashing forward, dealing damage to anyone in her path. At the end of the dash, there is a small window of opportunity to dash again. This can be well utilised to escape from a battle, or to reposition yourself for a follow-up attack.

Her ability ‘Circle Rhythm’ allows Shinbi to summon four Spirit Wolves which circle her for a total of four seconds, which, similar to Greystone’s ‘Make Way’ ability, deals damage to anyone within its radius. This ability also heals Shinbi for each hit, so it can be well utilised when you’re on low health and being ganked, as it adds good survivability.

Finally, her ultimate: ‘All-Kill!’. This ultimate has both a passive and an active. The passive adds one wolf stack to her abilities per hero hit, which can stack up to eight wolves at any given time on any given hero. The active sends a pack of Spirit Wolves towards the target with the highest wolf stack, much like ‘Line Tempo’, it can be used for chasing down and killing an injured hero.

When playing Shinbi, it is vital that you know the position of your enemy laner and jungler. While she can deal intense amounts of burst damage, she is very susceptible to crowd control, making her an easy target if played poorly. Alternatively, if you are facing a Shinbi, be sure to attack her with any CC abilities you have, and be sure to take her out as soon as possible.

With the Affinity combination of Growth and Intellect, quite an interesting combination for a hero such as this, there are many different good cards you can work with.Though while these cards are varied and all very good, it is important to focus on boosting her power and mana.

So, I ask again, what do you think? Do you think that Shinbi will change the game for better, or for worse? Either way, enjoy playing with and against her!