Hero Reveal – Revenant

When the clock strikes twelve and the sun is high in the sky, the sound of gunshots will fill the streets. The one who lives will be crowned champion. And the loser, well, the loser gives the victor everything.

Revenant, the amalgamation of a malevolent spirit and a vicious bounty hunter, has come crashing down to the lanes of Monolith, and, oh boy, does he look fun. With the affinities Corruption and Fury, he will be more than a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.

Without further ado, I present Revenant’s abilities.

His basic (LMB/R2) is called Revolver Round. Revenant, with his four barrel revolver, shoots each one, and upon firing his last, reloads, and prepares to go again.

His secondary ability (RMB/R1) is called Hellfire Rounds. This allows Revenant to reload at any given time, dealing extra damage with his final shot.

His first ability (E/Circle) is called Scar. Revenant infuses his targeted enemy with a dark energy. Any damage dealt to that enemy will deal increased damage. This ability is probably best suited to combo with first using your ultimate, and then this one.

His second ability (Q/Square) is called Obliterate. Revenant fires a barrage of attacks at a random target in front of him, dealing a tremendous amount of damage. I would also wager that this ability can be comboed very well with Scar.

Reckoning is the name of his Ultimate Ability (R/Triangle). To the depths of the Nether World is where Revenant sends his target, locking the two in a one-on-one duel to the death. While in this state, neither Revenant nor target can be damaged by anyone but each other. If Revenant kills his opponent, he gets a boost of CXP.

Whether it’s High-Noon or darkest of nights, Revenant remains on the hunt, and who knows? Maybe he’ll find what he’s looking for in Monolith? Maybe there’s more to this mystery than meets the eye? Well whatever the case may be, Revenant is going to be a blast to play and certainly a challenge to go against. Whether you play and fight him, I wish you luck, and I do hope you’re quick enough on the draw to carry the team to a swift victory!

Well, I see you're here. It's been a while, hasn't it? In case you may have forgotten, my name is Zyrus, and I work as a volunteer writer with the Paragooners team. I love playing Paragon and I love the community. Of course, Paragon isn't the only game I play. I play Dark Souls, Overwatch, Pokemon, Final Fantasy and a lot more. Outside of all this, I'm an author and a student in Year 11. Other than that, I'm a normal kid

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